Attitudes | Happiness is a choice

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When we change our attitudes ,  happiness is actually a choice … your choice . It is entirely up to you .

Sometimes we meet people who say good things about you .

“You did a great job .”

“you were fantastic in handling the difficult situation with the customer”

How does such praise impact you ? Naturally one would feel great !

What if on the same day later , you met someone  and this is what this someone says about you

“You little bi??? . That was a terrible stunt you did yesterday”

We would feel angry . We feel terrible .

Attitudes | External Influence

We feel great when someone says good things about us but we feel angry and terrible when someone says otherwise . So why are we affected by what people say about us especially the not-so-good words ? Why should we allow such words to hurt us and affect us for the rest of the day ? We are still the same person but such external situation affects how we feel . So why do we allow this external influence control our life ? This is our  mind and our body . It is as if there is someone with a remote control that controls our  mind and body  .

So what do we need to do to change this ? We change our mind set , our attitudes and we change our actions . Once we are able to convince ourselves and true to ourselves that we have done good things , our positive attitudes and self esteem would be able to ward off a lot of these negative external stimulus that we are receiving . Like it or not , there will always be people who say good things and bad things about us . So once we change our attitudes towards what we belief is right and knows who we really are , the negative remarks will not affect how we see things . We are no longer affected by negative remarks because we choose to see things positive .

Attitudes | Our choices

With a positive attitude , mind set and with good self esteem , we choose to see things in a better perspective . We choose not to be upset , angry and depressed . We have total control over who we are , what we want to feed to our minds and what we want our minds to feel . There is no remote control that will affect us and bring us down anymore . We know that positive self esteem and positive thinking and attitudes are important and now we have this ability to convince ourselves that our  mind and body is within our control . We have ways to overcome this and therefore choose to be happy . We have now developed a mindset to keep ourselves happy all the time .

So remember

” No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”

- Eleneanor Roosevelt -


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