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What is the purpose of education ? What did we tell our children about going to school ?

 Purpose of education | What my dad told me

I was born in a poor family . You see , my dad was a taxi driver and his daily income varies . If he doesn’t drive , he doesn’t get paid . Whatever he earns is just enough for the family . There is simply too much uncertainty . There is only so many hours in a day and there is only that much you can earn in a day . Its  not scalable !!

The purpose of education is of course get to learn and apply what you learned . Industry pay you for what you know and there is a demand for the application of this knowledge . So education  in the end provides a better earnings , better living standards and more opportunities . So what happen if you can have all these without having to go to school ?

Purpose of education | In Doha , Qatar

I bump across this article and left me thinking [see report here] about the purpose of education in Qatar  . Now if the government guarantees everyone an annual salary , property and everything else without having to go to school or work , then what can motivate the children to go to school , or parents sending their children to school ?

Our education system is such that you go to school to seek knowledge . In schools we get to know so much things , how things work and so forth so that we know how to solve them . Imagine not knowing how electricity works and how a bulb lights up ? Because we know , we are able to fix and solve these problems when it arises . The best part is , the industry pay us to fix these issues since we know how to fix them . So the better you are at it compare to someone else , the more you get paid . The reason why we are better is because we love doing it more than someone else probably . We probably can come to this conclusion because we are “mature enough” to understand the whole mechanism . We may not realize or understand  this as a young student , except that there is a “reward” at the end . As the student focus on the “reward” ,  we setup a system to encourage them to try so that hopefully they find passion or interest in the areas that they will eventually excel in , which seem to appear to support the reward system .

If one can get all this “reward” without having to attend school like in Qatar , then it is extremely difficult to encourage the young students to find this interest or passion in the process of learning , unless he or she is mature enough to see all this . Not many young students would understand this and therefore when compared to other countries , the mass majority would not be able to compete successfully , globally , eventually , because of this safety net .

Purpose of education | What did we tell our children about going to school again ?

If you have a caged pet bird , do you ever wonder what will happen if you let it loose in the open ? The pet bird having food brought to it daily , and without having to hunt for food , perhaps may not be able to survive in the wild . The same thing goes to our children . So I personally think it is still valid to tell our children that we attend schools to seek knowledge so that we can understand and apply them eventually . The system we design must encourage this effort of wanting to seek knowledge , and eventually finding their own passion and  interest ,  and its reward that come eventually . The reward may be  secondary . This is what i think is the purpose of education

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