Positive thinking | The garden of weeds

Garden of weeds e1335433966840 Positive thinking | The garden of weeds

What is common between positive thinking  and the “garden of weeds” ? A lot actually .

Positive thinking | Our brain

The most important part about motivation and positive thinking is that it starts with our brain . Let us look at what happens when we leave things as is . For example

  • what if you  don’t shower ? you stink
  • what if your husband don’t shave or cut his hair ? Every soon he becomes untidy
  • what if you leave your garden as is and do nothing about it ? Weeds starts to grow

So in its natural state , without effort , things gets a little untidy and later starts to fall apart . The same goes to our bodies . If we don’t exercise we get fat   . If we don’t use those muscles , very soon it will deteriorate and lose its functions . Guess what happens to our brain  if we leave it idle ? Without positive thinking , we will start to accumulate negative thoughts .

Positive thinking | Our brain is like our Garden

Our brain is exactly the same as our garden . If we don’t take care of our garden , very soon weeds will grow . So how do we take care of our garden ? We ensure that our garden  has enough sunlight , water and  fertilizer . We need to put in effort to do all this and the same goes to our brain too . So what does our brain need ? It needs to be fed with positive thoughts every time so that we don’t let weeds to grow at all in our most important organic , biological asset . Once weeds starts to grow , it is very difficult to have them removed . Once negative thoughts start to sink in , it is also difficult o have them removed . You see , very soon , the weeds that stays in the brain is like “bad” habits which are hard to get rid off because over time , they become character … So feed it with positive thoughts , positive thinking so that we leave no room for negative thoughts to fill in

Positive thinking | Life is like a garden

Life is like a garden . You are responsible for it . You decide what  you want to grow , how it will look like , what you want to feed it with and eventually see the results of your effort . There will be times where weeds will start to sneak in and you won’t know till they start showing up . You will have to decide how  long these weeds stay and how long they get . You will definitely need to take action when you see these weeds , because if you leave there for too long , it may have taken over the entire garden !! So if you don’t like your garden , change it . It is your garden so don’t let them take root !!

Positive thinking | Reap what you sow

Our thoughts are causes

You sow a thought , you reap an action .

You sow an action , you reap a habit .

You sow a habit , you reap a character .

You sow a character , you reap a destiny .

It all starts with a thought , positive thought , positive thinking !!





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