Motivation | What motivates us or an organization ?

In simple terms , there are 2 basic types of Motivation , Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivation .

Motivation | Intrinsic Motivation

Intrinsic Motivation has a lot to do with our own self  beliefs and values systems , shaped by the environment , our experiences and our own upbringing . We derive pleasure from the activity itself regardless of  the external influence such as rewards or pressures . It exist within the individual and it is a task that we will do willingly even we are not paid to do it .

Motivation | Extrinsic Motivation

Extrinsic motivation refers to an activity with a targeted outcome . It comes from the outside of an individual such as rewards , promotion or treat of punishment . In competition such as sports , it is actually Extrinsic motivation because it encourages the individual or team to win and out beat another and not because we enjoy the game itself .

Motivation | Finding meaning and purpose in the workplace

Then  what is work ? Do you like your job ? What if it is work for free ? Do you want a promotion ? Why do you want a promotion ? Is it because of the monetary rewards ?  Most work therefore is external motivation , unless the work is being internalised by the individual where the actions provides a sense of meaning and purpose which aligns to an individual own self beliefs and value systems , which then satisfy the psychological needs of the individual . So it is very important that the individual find a sense of meaning or propose of what he or she does in the workplace , and not just because of salary .  If it is just a job , so whenever this external factor changes , it will have immediate impact to the employee  .

Motivation | What motivates a company or an organization ?


200803 water hand Motivation | What motivates us or an organization ?

Now , let’s extend this to business . What motivates a company or an organization ? Profits ? If this is true then its external motivation . For intrinsic motivation , a very key important factor would be the values the company or organization brings to a customer  . So the culture of a company would be one that focuses on the values that they bring to the customer which in turn being rewarded with profitability . The profitability is the outcome of the values a company brings to a customer . If a company only focus on the profits which is external and once this disappear , just like an individual , the action ceases . So a company needs to focus on values and must be able to add value else it ceases to function . It is because a company is able to provide values and belief in providing this value ,  that the company or organization is profitable . So the purpose of a company existence is to provide value and not profitability . Profitability is the outcome or result of the value it brings .



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