Motivation | Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits

IMG 0008 e1335261031566 Motivation | Stephen Coveys 7 Habits

I wonder if  some of you  still remember the 7 habits from Stephen Covey ? What about this 7 Habits from our local Ah Beng that was quite popular a few years ago ? I have a picture frame up at my home which i took the photo from , though you can still find them at the internet . Here is the text version .


Steven Covey e1335261333364 Motivation | Stephen Coveys 7 Habits


Stephen Covey is a great motivational speaker and i really enjoyed reading his book . I remember i bought his book way back in 1990s and the most difficult part about the 7 habits is habit # 6 which i was trying to grasp then and still is , a challenge . Imagine  trying to understand someone , maybe a foreigner , say Guna from India . One may not be able to fully comprehend the amount of hardship and suffering Guna has gone through when he was in India , not to mention his culture , his own personal experiences that one try to understand . Every time i try to put on the pair of glasses (hopefully Guna’s glasses) , the world i see through the glasses seems to be my glasses  , not Guna’s , though i tried very hard to see using Guna’s glasses  .  So , culture , personal experience and environment that one is not fully exposed to , may pose real challenges to habit # 6 . Its like knowing or understanding may not be enough . It cannot replace the experiences the person has undergone .


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