Motivation | 10 Ways to reward and inspire employees

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In motivation , sometimes it does not cost you an arm and legs to reward and inspire employees . But it has to be done in a genuine manner , with true sincerity , right from the hearts .

Motivation | Small things matters

Some of us belief that small little things really matters to our fellow employees . If we cannot do these simple small act of good will then it is very difficult to do the big things in life . It is strange but true that these small little things adds up and not only that , if we constantly does them , it becomes part of us (part of our character over time) and it  becomes very natural to us .

If you are a manager of a company , there are many things  that you can do to reward and inspire fellow employees . Most of  them does not cost a lot of money but does require some personal attention or systems to be defined to ensure that there is proper procedures and control in place by Human Resources (HR) . We will examine some of them .

 Motivation | Money isn’t everything

In motivation , we all know that money isn’t the only motivating factor . Here are a list of things we can do in the work place that we can reward and inspire our employees

1. Get the employee to your office , so that you can thank the employee  personally . Try to remember his/her face and his/her name and this has to be done genuinely and  wholeheartedly . So next time when  you meet the same employee , remember to greet him/her by his/her name

2. Put a “thank-you” note on the employee’s desk or office . It will be great if we can make personal “bravo” cards for any occasions Have them pre-prepared for use when the situation warrants it . A personally self  made card  is better than those that everyone can buy at the local store

3. Have a Vice-President or  Senior Manager to call the employee or visit the employee’s work area to personally thank him/her for the job well done .

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It is very important to praise employees and tell them what they have done right , and how his/her act helps the organization and fellow colleagues . Encourage others to do likewise . Such show of gratitude and genuine appreciation will go a long way in enforcing the  type of culture for the organization as well . It does not harm or cost to praise more .

4. Buy lunch for a group of employees and eat together , say every quarterly . Share conversations with fellow employees

5. During festive occasions , buy food for all employees (Such as mooncakes , dumplings during chinese festive seasons , etc

6. Look to give out special awards (such as no sick leave in the last 6 months , special mention by customer , etc)

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 When management shows through actions rather than words that you are a valuable employee , it does no matter what level of employee he/she is , those actions are simply very motivating .

Motivation | A system for recognition and appreciation

Setup a system for recognition and appreciation of employees . Generate as many ideas and  reasons for doing this . Following are some examples

7. Mentoring of new employees . Identify and use mentors as role models . Mentors who knows the particular  process well and anyone can look up to them for anything

8. Best employee’s award for the month

9. Set up a board of fame with photographs of outstanding employees on the company’s notice board . Take  photographs of the employee being congratulated by his/her manager

10. Make special  small pin tagged onto the employees badges as a form of  recognition and identification of such employees

Motivation | Recognition and appreciation

There you have it . We have 10 ways that does not cost much money  . In motivation theory , we already knew all this but we need to put this practice in place in our work place . Individual recognition is sometimes more important than salaries , bonuses and promotions . Employees want to be identified with the success not only of their profession but that of the organization as well . And the best way is to receive acknowledgement that they did contribute to making something meaningful happen . That’s a motivation !!



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