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Attitudes | Happiness is a choice

2012 06 22 182422 e1340365971785 Attitudes | Happiness is a choice

When we change our attitudes ,  happiness is actually a choice … your choice . It is entirely up to you .

Sometimes we meet people who say good things about you .

“You did a great job .”

“you were fantastic in handling the difficult situation with the customer”

How does such praise impact you ? Naturally one would feel great !

What if on the same day later , you met someone  and this is what this someone says about you

“You little bi??? . That was a terrible stunt you did yesterday”

We would feel angry . We feel terrible .

Attitudes | External Influence

We feel great when someone says good things about us but we feel angry and terrible when someone says otherwise . So why are we affected by what people say about us especially the not-so-good words ? Why should we allow such words to hurt us and affect us for the rest of the day ? We are still the same person but such external situation affects how we feel . So why do we allow this external influence control our life ? This is our  mind and our body . It is as if there is someone with a remote control that controls our  mind and body  .

So what do we need to do to change this ? We change our mind set , our attitudes and we change our actions . Once we are able to convince ourselves and true to ourselves that we have done good things , our positive attitudes and self esteem would be able to ward off a lot of these negative external stimulus that we are receiving . Like it or not , there will always be people who say good things and bad things about us . So once we change our attitudes towards what we belief is right and knows who we really are , the negative remarks will not affect how we see things . We are no longer affected by negative remarks because we choose to see things positive .

Attitudes | Our choices

With a positive attitude , mind set and with good self esteem , we choose to see things in a better perspective . We choose not to be upset , angry and depressed . We have total control over who we are , what we want to feed to our minds and what we want our minds to feel . There is no remote control that will affect us and bring us down anymore . We know that positive self esteem and positive thinking and attitudes are important and now we have this ability to convince ourselves that our  mind and body is within our control . We have ways to overcome this and therefore choose to be happy . We have now developed a mindset to keep ourselves happy all the time .

So remember

” No one can make you feel inferior without your permission”

- Eleneanor Roosevelt -


Money is the root of all evil

Do you agree that money is the root of all evil ? Some agree ,  some don’t . Some says that you can find it in the Bible (“the love of money is the root of all evil) and also  in  ancient Greek philosophers . What about you ?

2012 06 06 111422 e1338952501733 Money is the root of all evil

 Money is the root of all evil | What is money ?

In the olden days , we barter trade , meaning that we have to find someone who is willing to exchange that we want with us . If we wanted to sell away our cattle for a house , we literally have to find someone who wants to exchange  his house  with our cattle .  It is extremely difficult to find that exact opposite to do the exchange . That’s why money comes in extremely handy .

Money acts as a medium of exchange in a transaction . Money or currency is the grease of  the engines of commerce . Money act as a unit of account , a store value and also as a medium of exchange . As a store of value , perhaps there are others goods (such as gold) that offers better “value” than money as money tend to erode over time due to inflation .

With money as a medium of exchange , it solves the problem of having to  barter trade , makes our lives easier and an economy that is more efficient . In this instance , do we agree that  money is the root of all evil ?

 Money is the root of all evil | Does everything has a value ?

In the past , money was in the form of coins made of either gold or silver . The value of the coins therefore is roughly equivalent to the value of the metal it contains then . A few decades ago , we replace these metal coins with paper currencies and the  government around the world would  need to “deposit” equivalent Gold or silver base on the exchange rate set by the various government . However in 1971 , President Nixon of the United States declare that the United States will no longer exchange gold for paper currencies , which effectively ended the Bretton Woods system  . Today the system is based on fiat money which is not tied to any commodity . They are simply pieces of paper whose value is based on the supply and demand of such paper currencies .

Everything has a value but the value varies according to the law of supply and demand . If there is a lot of demand , then the value goes up . If there is no demand , then the value goes down . Values can be a set of beliefs or mere perception . For example , the paintings by Edvard  Munch titled “The Scream” fetched US$119.9M at Sotheby’s auction last May . Would an ordinary person pay this  much for a piece of painting ?

So the value of an item is sometimes subjective and yet relative , and changes according to supply and demand .

Money is the root of all evil | Morality

There is  also a close association about money and morality . Money can cause corruption  which is true ,  but if we take away money ,  what are  we going to replace it with ? [see report here] . Should we ask the person who bought the Edvard Munch’s painting for USD$119.9M , to give up his painting and use the proceeds to feed the hungry and poor in Africa ?  Should we challenge his moral values ?

 Money is the root of all evil | My personal opinion

Money is nothing but a piece of paper . Its value is what we believe it to be . The value of an item can be relative , subjective and base on the law of supply and demand , i would like to mention a few words from a motivation guru who said something like this

  •  ”you can buy a house , but not a home”
  • “you can buy sex , but not love”
  • “you can buy medicine , but not health”

I think there is nothing wrong with money per se . It is a tool just like nuclear energy ,  a  knife or a gun . Nuclear energy can be used to light up your homes but it can also be used to destroy a country . A knife can be used to cut vegetables and meat but it can also be used to kill someone . The same thing goes to a  gun . It can be used to hunt for food or to kill and rob someone . So is “money is the root of all evil” then ?

I think money is good as it  makes the economy more efficient , else we have to resort to barter trading . I don’t think it is a bad tool but the means to achieve it can be bad or good . What tool can we replace money with if it is bad ? Certainly not barter trade . Even if we can find a replacement , that replacement itself , will it be evil ? This still depends on the people who uses it … it can be good , it can be bad .

Now if someone out there still thinks that money is the root of all evil and wants to get rid of their  money , let me know . I am sure i can find a good use for them .





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